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Color Medical Monitors

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  • New! Barco 4MP Coronis Fusion Color Diagnostic Display – MDCC-4430 / K9602975

    $9,041.00 $8,785.00
    • Color fusion display for flexible multimodality imaging
    • With toolset to boost productivity
    • Automated QA and calibration

    Coronis MDCC-4430 Fusion 4MP multimodality diagnostic display system features an exclusive LCD panel with the latest IPS technology, offering best-in-class image quality. Its high brightness and high contrast ratio help unveil the subtlest of details so you can make the most accurate diagnosis. Its large 30″ screen real estate, wide aspect ratio, and full ACR compliance make this display the perfect fit for diagnostic imaging.

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  • NEW! Barco Coronis Uniti 12MP Diagnostic Display with MXRT-8700 Video Card – MDMC-12133 / K9602990

    $29,714.00 $28,995.00

    Meet Barco Coronis Uniti MDMC-12133 12MP Color PACS and Mammography Display. The only display explicitly designed for both PACS and breast imaging. Unique in its representation of calibrated color and grayscales. Remarkable in its 2D and 3D capabilities. Capable of both static and dynamic imaging. Together, these features will forever change the way you work.

    Unify your workflow

    Coronis Uniti® delivers the first unified workflow – combining PACS and breast images on one workstation. It’s the solution that replaces all display configurations, eliminating the need for a multi-head display set-up or to move to another workstation to view additional exams.


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  • NEW! EIZO 1MP Color Monitor MX194-BK – MX194-BK

    A 19 inch 1MP monitor that is Dicom Part 14 calibrated at 180 cd/m2 (maximum 350 cd/m2) that ideal for viewing DSA, CT and MRI even over long-term use.

    Attain steady Images across the screen

    The digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) function helps to even out fluctuations in brightness and chroma on different parts of the screen to provide a smother image.

    Long-Term Brightness Stability

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  • NEW! EIZO 2MP Color Monitor MX215-BK

    Diagnostic Precision with DICOM Part 14 Factory Adjustment

    To ensure the most accurate and consistent shadings possible, EIZO carefully measures and sets every grayscale tone on the production line to produce a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14.


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  • NEW! EIZO 2MP Color Monitor MX216-BK

    $1,489.00 $1,195.00

    Diagnostic Precision with DICOM Part 14 Factory Adjustment

    The MX216 is the first MX-Series monitor to include EIZO’s Hybrid Gamma PXL function, which automatically distinguishes between monochrome and color images pixel by pixel, creating a hybrid display where each pixel has optimum grayscale. As a result, monochrome images are displayed in the DICOM® Part 14 grayscale, while color images are reproduced corresponding to Gamma 2.2, for improved efficiency when viewing color and monochrome images together.

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  • NEW! EIZO MS236WT 2MP 23” Multitouch

    $2,216.00 $1,755.60

    User-Intuitive Multitouch Interface

    Both intuitive and enjoyable to work with, multitouch lets you tap, scroll, drag, pinch, spin, etc. with your fingers instead of a mouse and keyboard. The multitouch interface is supported by Windows 8 and 7 and works with the growing number of multitouch applications compatible with these OS.

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  • NEW! EIZO RadiForce 24.1” Color LCD Monitor MX242W

    The Eizo MX242W is a 24.1-inch widescreen monitor with DICOM Part 14 calibration support, smooth color reproduction, and screen management for increased work efficiency.

    Make the Precise Diagnosis

    EIZO carefully measures and sets each grayscale tone to create a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14. This ensures the most consistent shading possible, allowing for the most accurate diagnosis.

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  • NEW! JVC 2MP 21.3 Clinical Review Display – CL-R211

    $1,995.00 $996.00

    JVC CL-R211 (CLR211) 2MP 21.3” Clinical Review Display is an optimal solution where doctors need to view both grayscale and color images, and effectively covers multiple applications like PACS, CAD, PET and nuclear medicine.

    Dynamic Gamma — One Pixel Based Contrast and Brightness, Gamma.

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  • NEW! Single Head 2MP EIZO 21.3” RadiForce Color Display – RX250-SH-NK120

    Achieve Clarity True to the Source Data

    A medical monitor needs to be capable of high brightness in order to meet performance standards. However, in order to achieve high brightness in an LCD panel, the pixel aperture ratio has to be increased. This causes a typically unavoidable decline in sharpness. With EIZO’s unique Sharpness Recovery technology, the decrease in sharpness (MTF) is restored. This allows you to display an image safely on the monitor that is true to the original source data, even at high brightness levels.

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  • RadiNet Network QC Management Software for Medical Imaging Displays – RadiNet

    Manages 400 Monitors

    RadiNET can manage up to 400 monitors connected to 50 client PCs, ranging from the monitors for diagnostic imaging in the reading and modality rooms to HIS/RIS monitors handling reference images and electronic diagnostic chart monitors in clinics.

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  • RadiNetPro Network Centralized QC Management Software for Medical Imaging Displays – RadiNet Pro

    Centralized Management of all Monitors in a Hospital

    RadiNET Pro features a monitor management server, which is installed in the hospital to enable centralized management via a network from client PC monitors installed with RadiCS software. Unified management of all monitors in a hospital covers everything from history reference operations such as calibration to acceptance and constancy testing, changing settings and other QC operations.

    Manages up to 8,000 Monitors

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  • Single Head 3MP Barco Nio High Bright Color

    $9,899.00 $8,361.10

    Nio Color 3MP is a 3 megapixel high-bright color display system with LED backlights, providing excellent image quality for confident diagnoses. Its exceptional brightness (calibrated at 500 cd/m2) helps you discern even the tiniest detail – even after many years of use.

    The best 3MP color solution on the market

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  • Single Head 6MP Totoku 30” Color – CL650i2-SH-K2000DT

    With a wide 30″ screen, the CCL650i2 allows you to view images of two 3MP displays in one screen without the center bezels. Additionally, the CCL650i2 allows for the flexibility of window layouts in a number of ways supporting multiple system configurations. Providing optimal functions for diagnostic viewing, this seamless and wide LCD improves your workflow efficiency while ensuring space and energy saving.


    CCL650i2 Features

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  • Single Head 8MP EIZO RadiForce 31.1” Color ATI – RX850-SH-AW510

    Streamline Your Workflow

    Effectively replace a multi-monitor setup with an 8 megapixel screen capable of displaying all necessary image applications at once to streamline the radiology workflow.
    Maintain High Performance

    Having received FDA 510(k) clearance for mammography and general radiography from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the RadiForce RX850 is not only capable of displaying MRI, CT, and ultrasound images, but also digital mammography images where high performance is essential. With multi-modality support, you can increase work efficiency with the ability to view numerous medical images on one screen with exceptional accuracy.

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  • Single Head 8MP EIZO RadiForce 31.1” Color Nvidia – RX850-SH-NM200

    Streamline Your Workflow

    Effectively replace a multi-monitor setup with an 8 megapixel screen capable of displaying all necessary image applications at once to streamline the radiology workflow.

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  • Single Head Barco 2MP Coronis Color

    $5,379.00 $4,711.30

    Coronis Color 2MP is a flexible color display system with a resolution of 1600×1200 for accurate diagnosis in a variety of medical applications. Typical application areas include PACS imaging, color ultrasound, 3D visualization, orthopedic imaging, cardiology, nuclear medicine, PET-CT fusion, etc.


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