Barco Coronis Fusion 4MP DL Widescreen Color Display

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Coronis Fusion 4MP DL is a multi-modality PACS display system designed to further enhance flexibility and productivity in diagnostic imaging.

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The ultimate in diagnostic flexibility

With the Coronis Fusion 4MP DL, there are no more boundaries. Its ingenious design allows you to use the 30-inch workstation as two seamless 2 MegaPixel heads or one wide-screen 4 MegaPixel display. The choice is yours. Designed to work the way you work, this display system helps you read more images, faster.

And there’s more. Barco’s Coronis Fusion 4MP DL offers unparalleled grayscale accuracy, enabling simultaneous viewing of grayscale and full color images. It allows you to read CT, MR, and orthopedic images, or any other combination, side by side on a single diagnostic screen.

A perfect view from every angle

Coronis Fusion 4MP DL features the latest, breakthrough In-Plane Switching (IPS-Pro) LCD technology. This technology brings the most advanced LCD viewing characteristics on the market, setting new standards for brightness and contrast, even from a wide viewing angle.

Multi-modality PACS imaging
The Diagnostic Luminance system delivers a maximum luminance of 1000 cd/m², allowing for simultaneous reading of color, grayscale and fused modalities on a single display.

Diagnostic precision
The integrated ULT of Coronis Fusion 4MP DL distributes the brightness equally over the entire 30-inch screen surface. Supported by an intelligent backlight design, this reduces non-uniformities caused by the LCD as well as the backlight to less than 10%. As a result, all images comply perfectly to the DICOM standard, no matter where they are positioned on the screen.

Automated Quality Assurance
The latest version of MediCal QAWeb, combined with the unique I-Guard sensor, ensures fully automated image Quality Assurance with no need for human intervention. MediCal QAWeb tracks, maintains and logs viewing performance, automates QA tasks, initiates display system calibration and establishes an accurate DICOM Look-Up Table calibration.

Increased performance
The Coronis Fusion 4MP DL display system is driven by a high-speed MXRT display controller, specifically designed to support 3D PACS applications with 30-bit color precision.


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Spec sheets

Technical specifications: Coronis Fusion 4MP DL

Technology highlights

Technology highlight: IPS-Pro technology

Technology highlight: I-Guard & Ambient Light Compensation

Technology highlight: Uniform Luminance Technology

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User Guide

User Guide Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP – English (v07 – 3.50 MB)

Guide de l’Utilisateur Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP – French (v06 – 3.54 MB)

Bedienungsanleitung Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP – German (v06 – 3.53 MB)

Guida per l’Utente Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP – Italian (v06 – 3.53 MB)

Guía del Usuario Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP – Spanish (v06 – 3.53 MB)

User Guide Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP (JA) – Japanese (v06 – 3.69 MB)

User Guide Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP (ZH-CN) – Simplified Chinese (v06 – 3.58 MB)

User Guide Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP (ZH-TW) – Traditional Chinese (v06 – 3.60 MB)

User Guide Coronis Fusion 4MP/6MP (KO) – Korean (v06 – 3.53 MB)


Barco Coronis Fusion 4MP Wide Screen Diagnostic Color Display with MXRT-5450 video card.

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