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Dual Head 2MP Totoku 21.3” Color – DH38-CCL256i2

2 megapixel 21.3″ color radiology display


High-Luminance 2MP color display for diagnostic imaging
realizes advanced grayscale display.


With high luminance and high contrast, and an integrated color calibration function, our CCL256i2 delivers highly accurate color reproduction faithful to the DICOM GSDF. The CCL256i2 includes a luminance compensation feature for edge to edge consistency, is fully configurable for multi-display applications, and comes standard with hardware-based pivot functionality for fast image drawing in portrait orientation.

Luminance stabilizing system λ-Sentinel II

λ-Sentinel II consists of a luminance sensor and luminance control circuit. The luminance sensor, integrated into the front bezel, consistently monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen by rapidly communicating with the backlight sensor.
In addition, a build-in luminance sensor provided with i2 models enables even simpler calibration without attaching the calibration sensor.

Remote grayscale check and remote calibration

CCL256i2 Specs

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