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Dual Head 3MP Barco Nio Grayscale LCD Display System with NioWatch Software


Nio is Barco’s cost-effective and flexible display solution for diagnostic imaging. Presenting an exceptional combination of innovation and performance, Barco’s next-generation Nio display system improves your diagnostic reading routine for a multitude of medical imaging applications.


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High-performance display controllers

Nio 3MP can be combined with:

User-friendly calibration and quality assurance

Nio 3MP comes with MediCal QAWeb, an innovative softcopy calibration and QA concept, that brings a new degree of diagnostic confidence and transparency to your QA routine.

High-brightness, image crispness and an excellent viewing angle
High-speed display controllers for maximum workflow efficiency
Improved diagnostic confidence with Barco’s MediCal QAWeb program for Quality Assurance of PACS displays
Long-term image confidence with Barco’s Backlight Output Stabilization (BLOS) technology
Perfect color matching between displays
Protective front cover, protecting your valuable LCD against damage from intensive use in clinical rooms

Brochures: Nio brochure

White Paper: 10 reasons to use a medical display system

NIO 3MP Dual Head Grayscale Flat Panel LCD display System with NioWatch Software

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