Dual Head 3MP NEC Medical Color LCD w/ 5 Year Wnty & Hot Swap

Discontinued model due to change in video card. This dual head 3 MP NEC diagnostic display system is different because the matching NEC video card is included. To you it means 5 years of direct factory support. No hassle service and support as every component is NEC certified. Otherwise, you are looking to two manufacturers for support if the display has problems.

Replaced with New Product


Designed exclusively for the demanding needs of medical imaging and PACS, including CR and DR, the NEC MultiSync MD213MC, a 21.3” 3-Megapixel (MP) color display, features the flexibility of a color display with image performance rivaling grayscale displays. Benefits you’ll realize from this medically certified display include:

• NEC’s UA-SFT 3MP (1536 x 2048) liquid crystal technology offers high brightness without compromising contrast or viewing angles, making the image quality outstanding for color or grayscale images.

• ColorCompTM digital uniformity correction reduces screen uniformity errors and compensates for differences in color/grayscale and luminance across the entire screen.

• Integrated tri-stimulus (three-color) sensor receives more light information than standard (brightness only) sensors and, therefore, is extremely accurate and stable.

• Each NEC MultiSync MD213MC monitor is calibrated out of the box to the DICOM grayscale display function for luminance.

• 12-bit gamma provides for more finely detailed, high-definition rendering of color images and crisper display of even the most delicate shadings and color differences.

• GammaCompTM MD software, included with each display, ensures consistent image quality. The software provides a simple interface for conformance to the DICOM standard, while providing an easy- to-use QA environment for medical imaging. Optionally, Gamma- Comp MD Administrator provides computer networks with centralized control and management of multiple display systems.

• FDA 510(k) approved for use in digital radiology applications



Delivers wide viewing angles of up to 176º horizontally and vertically (up to 88º up, down, left and right) with less color shift and without any glare, reflection or distortion.


Allows up to 3 inputs VGA, DVI-I and DVI-D to be connected to a single monitor. Allows for each of the three signals to be displayed with the press of a button.


This electronically improves screen uniformity and compensates for differences in color/grayscale and luminance using newly designed signal processing circuitry.


Quality Assurance and calibration software for ensuring consistent image quality on a single display system. Based on the AAPM TG-18 standards the easy to use software maintains the monitor’s conformance to the DICOM standard, while providing an easy-to-use QA environment for medical imaging.  Optionally, GammaComp MD Administrator provides centralized control and management of multiple display systems.


Automatically adjusts the backlight depending on the brightness of ambient lighting conditions. Also allows the monitor to be set to automatically enter a power-saving mode when the ambient lighting falls below a predetermined value (i.e.when office lights are shut off at the end of the day), which can significantly reduce energy expenses.

Rapid Response

Provides for uninterrupted display of full motion video with response times as quick as 4ms. It delivers streaming video without noticeable ghosting or blurring, while achieving as many as 250 frames per second (fps). This remarkably quick motion makes displays better than ever for gaming and video applications such as presentations and streaming web video.


For analog inputs only. Corrects for input signal distortion caused by long cables and low output levels of video cards.This technology uses a digitized signal delay circuit to automatically compensate for each red, green and blue cable’s length and video signal delay, ensuring sharp image reproduction.


On Screen Display controls allow users to quickly and easily adjust all elements of their screen image via simple-to-use on screen menus.


5 years parts and labor, including Advanced Overnight Exchange

 Service Programs

Two NEC MultiSync MD213MC, 21.3” 3-Megapixel (MP) color displays with Matching NEC video card.

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