Dual Head 5MP Barco Coronis Grayscale Display System with 5 Year Warranty & 5200 Video Card

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The high-grade Coronis 5MP Coronis 5MP system offers unsurpassed film-like images with ultra-high resolution, high luminance and high contrast ratio. The 21.3” LCD provides unequaled image quality without pixelization, a wide viewing angle and perfect geometry. The integrated Coronis Portrait Accelerator assures full performance in portrait mode.
Barco’s state-of-the-art 5MP display system ensures low life cycle cost, user-friendliness and increased productivity. Its high resolution reduces the need for panning and roaming.

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User-friendly calibration and Quality Assurance

Coronis 5MP comes with MediCal QAWeb software for automated calibration and Quality Assurance.

• Lowest cost of ownership
• Continuous DICOM-compliant imaging thanks to integrated I-Guard technology
• High contrast ratio and luminance for superior image quality in all environments
• Automated quality with intervention-free QA
• Available as single- and multi-head systems
• All-inclusive display system, including display controller, QA software, portrait/landscape accelerator, cables and driver
• Ergonomic design with protective front cover
• Real plug and play

Barco Coronis 5MP MFGD 5421 Specifications

Calibration and QA Software
 K5400238 MediCal QAWeb  
Display controller
 KM570066 BarcoMed PCI for Coronis  
 K9305006 BarcoMed PCIe for Coronis  
 K9305017 MXRT-5200


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Dual Head Coronis Grayscale 5MP – with controller card:  Coronis 5MP ClearBase:  21.3″ Medical Grayscale Flat Panel LCD Display System with clearbase backlight, two MFGD 5421 CB flat panel displays, Medical QA Web Software, BarcoMed 5MP2F graphic card plus drivers and high quality video cables.

List Price – $23,149.00

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