Dual Head EIZO (perviously Siemens) 5MP Blue Based, Grascale Medical LCD Display

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Eizo SMD Series of gray scale displays meets the demanding requirements of Medical Imaging with the advantages of digital flat panel technology for reliable diagnosis. Continuing our tradition of excellence and leadership in display design for full field digital mammography, the SMD 21500 is ideally suited for diagnostic review of breast imaging. This display combines patented long-life backlight technology and open standards communication to achieve unparalleled performance.

  • Fully automated luminance stability through the Integrated Stability System (ISS)
  • Integrated Consistency System (ICS) for automated independent verification of gray levels
  • CIE/DICOM compliant gray scale response built into the display
  • Sharper images with blue tinted PLANON backlight
  • Fully supported by hermit® Total Care family of quality assurance tools
  • 5 users defined 10-bit look up tables adaptable to diverse reading and viewing environments
  • Gamma response calibrated during manufacturing to provide consistent image quality from one display to the next
  • Built-in connector for spotmeter (photometer)
  • Internal silent power supply.

EIZO SMD-21500-2

List Price – $23,990.00

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