Single Head 2MP Barco Coronis Diagnostic Grayscale Display System – PCI or PCI Express

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Coronis 2MP is a cost-effective grayscale display system with a resolution of 1600×1200. The system provides a dedicated imaging solution for PACS, CT, MRI, angiography, ultrasound and orthopedic applications.

Discontinued Product


User-friendly calibration and quality assurance

Coronis 2MP comes with MediCal QAWeb, an innovative softcopy calibration and QA concept, that brings a new degree of diagnostic confidence and transparency to your QA routine.

* Excellent brightness and contrast
* Uniform image rendering across the entire screen
* Continuous, worry-free DICOM-compliance under all lighting conditions
* Web-based service for transparent calibration and QA
* Integrated pedestal concept for convenient multi-head viewing
* Smart, ergonomic design

Calibration and QA Software

K5400238           MediCal QAWeb

Display controller
 KM570066 BarcoMed PCI for Coronis  
 K9305006 BarcoMed PCIe for Coronis  
 K9305017 MXRT-5200


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Barco K9601580 Single Head Coronis Grayscale 2MP – with display controller card: Coronis Grayscale 2MP LCD system includes: one 1600*1200 grayscale display MDCG 2121-CB, 1 PCIe based dual head digital DVI display controller MXRT 5200 512MB, QA Web software, all cables and 1 pedestal to mount either 1 or 2 displays

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