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Single Head 3MP DOME S3c Color LCD w/ Quadro 2000 – 997-5803-00-1BN

Premium 3MP Diagnostic Color Display.


The Dome S3c display is the all-in-one diagnostic display deployable throughout the hospital enterprise.

  • High-bright 3MP color PACS display
  • Suitable for grayscale and color images
  • RightCheck sensor for remote conformance testing
  • Quality image viewing without compromise


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DOME S3c Specs

NDS DOME S3c Single Head 3MP Color LCD , w/ Quadro 2000.  S3c -1536×2048 landscape/portrait, RightCheck – Front Sensor, DVI & DP inputs, CXtra software, display driver and cables included.  5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.  Premium Service plans are available.  Part Number – 997-5803-00-1BN.

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