Single Head 3MP Totoku 21.3 Diagnostic Display – MS35i2-SH-K2000D

Super High Resolution Display for Mammography.

As imaging technology advances, modality devices are reproducing such high resolution that even current 3MP displays are unable to reproduce, creating a bottleneck in softcopy diagnostic environment. TOTOKU introduces “MS35i2″ equipped with Independent Sub pixel Drive technology to accept higher resolution output from modality devices as a major breakthrough.


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Luminance equalizer λ-Uniformity Congruence

Is built in to achieve highly accurate luminance uniformity across the
screen. Luminance unevenness is minimized in the final tune-up prior to shipping.

Customized view software and graphics card are required for 10-bit

Calibration function

Calibrates luminance and gamma to enable smooth grayscale display

that is faithful to DICOM GSDF (optional calibration kit is required).

Simultaneous display of 1276 shades of gray

Realizes smoother grayscale display required for medical image displays

Hardware pivot function

Stress-free operation is made possible by fast drawing speed for on-the-
fly change to portrait orientation.

High luminance, high contrast and wide viewing angle

With the highest-in-class luminance and contrast and a wide viewing
angle, JVCKenwood’s LCD drive technology maximizes the display’s performance

for the best image quality.

Dual link input

Provides smooth display for motion pictures..

OSD information display

With a push of a button, the display’s current status can be checked,
such as the displays model, total operating time, actual measurement

of luminance, and calibration setting.

LED indicator

A glass at the LED indicator tells you the display’s current operating status.

Enhanced convenience with utility software

Utility software offers enhanced features such as gamma check, ambient light and

display luminance measurement, and advanced power saving ton

reduce power consumption and prevent unnecessary deterioration of the

Luminance stabilizing system λ-Sentinel II

The luminance sensor, integrated into the front bezel, consistently monitors and

accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen by rapidly communicating with

the backlight sensor. In addition, a built-in luminance sensor provided with

i2 models, enables even simpler calibration without attaching the calibration sensor.

Remote grayscale check and remote calibration functions

Conformance testing to DICOM GSDF and calibration can be remotely accomplished.

These features minimize the burden on display administra-tors

(optional PM Medivisor software is required).

Worldwide medical safety standards

This display is certified under various medical safety standards

that are much more demanding than those for general-purpose IT equipment.

Pairing service to match display colors (Optional)

Medical imaging often uses two displays side-by-side, and its very import-ant that

they present the same color temperature.

JVCKenwood offers a display pairing service that matches colors of two displays using a

high-definition spectrophotometer before shipping.
(Consult your dealer for more information about the pairing service.)


Model Name   MS35i2
LCD Panel Technology 21.3-inch, Monochrome, TFT active matrix IPS Technology
Display Area 433.2mm × 324.9mm
Pixel Pitch 0.165mm × 0.165mm
Contrast Ratio 1400:1 typ
Maximum Luminance 1700cd/m2 (typ) (calibrated to 500cd/m2 and 410cd/m2 by
factory default)
Viewing Angle 170° vertical and horizontal
Visual Perfomance Native Resolution 1536 X 2048, Independent Sub pixel Drive ON: 1536 × 6144 (Sub pixel)
Grayscale 256 shades of gray out of 12277 shades of gray. 1024 shades of gray (DisplayPort 10bit input) Simultaneous display of 2048 shades of gray (Independent Sub pixel Drive ON:1276 shades of gray) are possible with the customized viewer.
Input Signal Input Sync Signal DVI-D (DVI 1.0 compliant) DisplayPort (DisplayPort 1.1a compliant)
Plug and Play DDC28 compliant
Input Power Supply Input 100V ~ 240V (±10%) 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 60W typ. (with power management feature)
Features Calibration Control Luminance, Gamma, Capability of saving 3 sets of LUT settings (An optional calibration kit is required.)
OSD Information Display Model name, Serial No., Total operating time, Calibration settings (Operating time from Last Calibration, Luminance, Gamma, etc.),
Current luminance, etc.
USB Hub USB Rev. 2.0 compliant, Self-powered USB upstream connector (x1), USB downstream connector (x2)
Other Features Luminance Uniformity Correction, Hardware Pivot, LED indicator,
Advanced power saving, Configurations switching function,Independent Sub pixel Drive Technology, DICOM conformance self-testing function
Approvals ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1(2005), CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 60601-1(2008), CE(EN60601-1, EN60601-
1-2), FCC Part15, subpart B Class B, VCCI class B, ICES-3(B), FDA510(k), J-Moss, RoHS
Physical Characteristics Dimensions (WxHxD) Landscape: 474.5 (W) × 482.9 / 544.4 (H) × 220 (D)mm Portrait: 390 (W) × 525.15 / 586.65 (H) × 220 (D)mm
Weight Net: approx. 12kg
Tilt Stand Tilt, Swivel, Portrait / Landscape
Mount 100mm VESA mounting
Security Slot On the back of the panel and the tilt stand
Accessories Power cord (3P), DVI cable, DisplayPort cable, USB cable, Operation manual *Cleaning kit (Special AR coating model only)

Calibration kit

Calibration Kit – Model CAL-012 . American College of Radiology guidelines still recommends the periodic use of a calibration kit to insure that diagnostic integrity is maintained over the life of the monitor. Some states now require the use and documentation of a calibration kit. Do not confuse this device with the front sensors on most diagnostic medical displays. They are not the same.

What You Get

What You Get:

Single Head 3MP 21.3″ Digital Monochrome LED backlight LCD Display with matching Nvidia K2000D video card. The MS35i2’s new technologies deliver higher performance with a new generation IPS LCD with LED backlight, achieving contrast ratio of 1400:1, providing brighter and crisper images. The new energy saving LED backlight LCD, MS35i2 provides more stability in image quality for a long period of time. Tilt Stand: Tilt, Swivel, Portrait / Landscape. 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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