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Single Head 4MP Dome E4c Color with Matrox Card & Standard Glass

This model is configured with the matching PCI Express Matrox Med4 video Card, Dome CXtraTM Software, and Standard Glass.


Discontinued Product

Dome E4c is a 30 inch, bezel-less diagnostic display that is FDA 510(k) cleared, medically certified, and can be used throughout the healthcare enterprise. The wide-screen, 16:9 format of the Dome E4c simplifies comparison studies by eliminating image split caused by the bezel of a dual-head monitor and by offering more screen space to show multiple images. With 4MP resolution, the Dome E4c displays more than 90% of a CR image without scaling. With the ability to show 15 full size 512 x 512 images at the same time, E4c dramatically increases productivity when viewing large datasets and studies with multiple series.

FDA 510(k) cleared

4-Megapixel color

30-inch wide-screen

High-bright display for diagnostic viewing

16.7 million colors

DICOM calibration

Dual Channel DVI (Dual Link)

Dome CXtraTM Software
Dome CXtra is a universal QA software for DICOM calibration or correction of grayscale and color Dome displays. Dome CXtra offers a variety of test patterns that users can use to check display quality and consistency. Dome CXtra comes with tools to validate the performance of the display against a variety of standards. Dome CXtra employs a common, intuitive software environment for the simple management of your Dome displays; a distributed PACS environment has never been easier. More about Dome CXtra


Dome DashboardTM software
Dome Dashboard software is a console application used to remotely monitor and manage the performance of Dome CXtra enabled displays throughout the hospital. Specifically designed for the PACS environment,Dome Dashboard software increases productivity, reduces downtime, and ensures consistent image quality by providing alerts if a display is down, its calibration is off, or the white level has dropped out of tolerance. More about Dome Dashboard

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