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The LG L200ME LCD Monitor has been replaced with the ME20CR that includes DICOM calibration of the gray scale images. Click on this link to the see new product.

This is the SAME medical grade PACS display that the big names sell for much more.

Replaced with ME20CR, see link above.


The LG L200ME 20.1 inch LCD Monitor is the choice for medical and graphic intensive applications. It boasts an 8-bit, 16.8M COLOR, 8MS RESPONSE, 1600 X 1200 RESOLUTION display which outputs crisp, distortion free images. The integrated f-ENGINE ™ allows for independent adjustments of contrast and brightness, useful for viewing multimedia. The monitor adjustments are easily accessible on the Ultra Thin front bezel and the ergonomic design allow for TILT, PIVOT, SWIVEL and HEIGHT ADJUST functions. The ease of use and enhanced productivity makes the L200ME ideal for medical, graphics, or financial professionals. LG L200ME

Key features

1600 X 1200 High Resolution 8-bit Panel
800:1 High Contrast
Digital & Analog Inputs
178 Degree Viewing Angle Side to Side
8 ms Response Time
Tilt, Pivot, Swivel & Height Adjustable
VESA Compliant Wall Mount

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