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Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right display for your clinical requirement…

The following briefly presents information and considerations to help you select the right display to meet your clinical needs. Our technical staff is also available to offer more detail or address questions specific to your immediate applications. Also check out our Planning A Teleradiology or Remote Reading Service article.

You may notice that we have not offered an opinion on the latest displays that are over 5MP (Planar 16MP, Totoku 15MP, IBM 9MP as examples). As these displays filter into the 2008 marketplace, there will be updates to this guide.

5 Mega Pixel

A 5MP grayscale display is intended for the most demanding diagnostic applications, including mammography and digital projection radiography. The digital images captured by these acquisition modalities can exceed 12 MP per image. An excellent monitor for all other grayscale imaging applications.

4 Mega Pixel

A 4MP display ideal is for side-by-side or long portrait diagnostic review. Available in gray scale or color to meet your varied needs. Often used in split screen mode to serve as 2 side by side 2 MP displays to review images from a set, current to former image, and cross modal review. It performs well in CT and MRI. In color mode it may be used for PET, PET/CT, fusion, ultrasound, 2-D and 3-D imaging. These units are well suited for applications in the operating room, GI suite and electronic medical record keeping and review.

3 Mega Pixel

A 3MP monochrome display is ideal for CT, MR, CR, DR, and Nuclear Medicine diagnostic review. A 3MP color display is used in radiology, cardiology, dermatology, and OR applications. High-bright color or grayscale LCD displays are available with DICOM conformance. View images in portrait and or landscape modes. 3MP color performance enhances visualization of 2-D color images, fusion images, and 3-D reconstruction images. A 3MP color display affords the flexibility to view color and gray scale images from 1 display without the need to switch panels for multi-modality readings. An excellent selection for remote and teleradiology image interpretation.

2 Mega Pixel

2 MP units are ideal for diagnostic viewing in PACS workstations, multi modality review, and multi-specialty clinical such as surgical OR, ER and ICU. With the flexibility of color and DICOM calibrated grayscale, a 2 MP display eliminates the need to switch displays by providing the ability to perform multi-modality studies, fusion studies and 3-D rendered image readings on the same panel.

1 Mega Pixel

1 MP units are typically used in concert with higher mega pixel units for administrative functions and electronic health information review. These high quality medical displays are intended for use in a clinical environment. They are high resolution; build for medical applications in that use surrounding and offer superior visual quality, and performance and response times over “commercial grade” displays available in the consumer market.

Please note, that all displays must be used with the proper interface card to realize their designed, optimal performance. A significant investment is a high performance medical display can be compromised by the selection of a low cost “commercial grade” card.

A Medical Displays for Less Technical Support expert can help you with the evaluation and selection process. They can be reached through our web site or by calling 866-369-1902.

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