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NEC Monitors

NEC Radiology / Clinical Color Displays and Grayscale Monitors with 5-year warranties. Full technical support and repair service for all NEC monitors.

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  • 3MP NEC Diagnostic Color Display with Human Sensor – MD211C3

    The LED-backlit NEC MultiSync MD211C3, a 21.3″ 3MP color radiology monitor, features factory calibration to the DICOM standard for luminance and a 70% smaller front sensor than its predecessor.

    Technology advances includes a human sensor that reduces power consumption when a user is not present. This widescreen monitor, which maintains a designated calibrated brightness, has all-digital connectors, including DisplayPort and two-port USB hub, which enable advanced connectivity for any type of workstation.


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  • 3MP NEC Grayscale Display

    The NEC MultiSync MD212G3 is a 21.3″ widescreen, 3-megapixel grayscale display designed for medical imaging and PACS applications, featuring out-of-the-box DICOM calibration, a 16-bit lookup table, automatic luminance control and an anti-reflective coating for accurate imaging across the entire screen.

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  • 6MP NEC 30” LED Display – MD302C6

    The 30” NEC MultiSync MD302C6, an LED-backlit color diagnostic display, is designed for the demanding needs of healthcare professionals in medical imaging and multi-modality PACS. This 6-megapixel model features an IPS panel to provide precise grayscale reproduction and wide viewing angles as well as an integrated front sensor which constantly monitors and adjust brightness to maintain the factory DICOM GSDF calibration.

    In addition to offering a large overall workspace, the MD302C6 can function as a dual 3MP replacement. The MD302C6 includes a has three-way ergonomic stand, including height-adjust, swivel and tilt. The display offers both DisplayPort and DVI-D inputs, built-in two-port USB hub, and 16-bit lookup tables (LUTs) with 1024 levels of gray for smooth images and hardware calibration.


    Discontinued!! Call for Replacement Options

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