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  • 1MP Barco Color DICOM Clinical Review Touch Screen – MDRC-1219 TS

    $1,199.00 $975.00

    The MDRC-1219 TS is a 1 MegaPixel clinical review display with touch screen interface. The 19-inch display brings reliable, DICOM-compliant images to a broad palette of imaging applications, including the EMR system.

    Consistent DICOM images, anywhere, anytime

    The high-quality LCD panel of the MDRC-1219 TS presents medical images with better contrast, higher brightness and a wider viewing angle than conventional computer monitors.

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  • EIZO 1MP Curator 19″ High Brightness LCD Color – EX190-S

    $3,199.00 $2,445.00

    This high-brightness color monitor for diagnosis is perfect for accurate displaying of grayscale tones as well as color images in the medical environment. The monitor accepts multiple input signals from both state of the art and legacy systems.

    Its high contrast creates the perfect fit for most grayscale modalities and imaging systems. Typical application areas are interventional radiology, endoscopy, cardiology and ultrasound.


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  • JVC/Totoku 1.3MP 19 – ME195

    The JVC/Totoku ME195 LED backlight system provides more stability in images as well as energy saving. Compared to the conventional CCFL backlight models, ME195 saves about 20% energy and will hold brightness much longer. Additionally, mercury-free LED backlight contributes to reduce the environmental impacts.

    Luminance Stabilizing System

    Built-in luminance sensor consistently monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen to optimize image quality all the time.


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  • NEW! 1MP Barco Color DICOM Clinical Review Display – MDRC-1219

    $799.00 $695.00

    The Barco MDRC-1219 brings reliable, DICOM compliant images to a broad palette of imaging applications, including EMR. It combines consistent image quality and an attractive, versatile design with effortless quality assurance. A touchscreen version is also available.

    Consistent images, easy collaboration

    The high-quality display presents sharp, bright images with high contrast. The unique front consistency sensor automatically aligns the image quality every time the display is switched on, ensuring fast power-up and continuous luminance stability.

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  • NEW! EIZO 1MP Color Monitor MX194-BK – MX194-BK

    A 19 inch 1MP monitor that is Dicom Part 14 calibrated at 180 cd/m2 (maximum 350 cd/m2) that ideal for viewing DSA, CT and MRI even over long-term use.

    Attain steady Images across the screen

    The digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) function helps to even out fluctuations in brightness and chroma on different parts of the screen to provide a smother image.

    Long-Term Brightness Stability

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