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I. PACS Articles & Data

Article Title: PACS & Teleradiology: Benefits of Diagnosing from Soft Copy Display

Summary: Presentation of the advantages and cautions associated with diagnosing from a soft copy display.

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Article Title: Case Study: Teleradiology in Iowa

Summary: The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics has developed a program to provide timely and accurate radiology services to rural hospitals and their patients.


Article Title: Implementation of an International Teleradiology Staffing Model

Summary: Summary of impact from availability of offshore reading services to support domestic staffs in off hours of US service. Ancillary discussion of remote reading services methodologies.


Article Title: Leveraging PACS for Teleradiology

Summary: How to make distant reading ethical and profitable. Just as PACS previously revolutionized the hospital environment, the technology is now transforming radiology practices of all types.


Article Title: International Teleradiology

Summary: Impact of 24 hours reading services on quality of care delivered in numerous surrounding.


Article Title: Picture Archiving and Communication System: Effect on Reporting of Incidental Findings

Summary: The effect of a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) on reporting of incidental findings outside the area of interest, with a focus on lumbar spinal magnetic resonance (MR) imaging.


Article Title: Remote Reading – PACS and Teleradiology Let Radiologists Work Almost Anywhere

Summary: Telecommunications and electronic capabilities, have enabled the emergence of the remote work environment. In healthcare, this translates into telemedicine and specific areas such as teleradiology.


Article Title: Examine | Teleradiology

Summary: Examine | Teleradiology: Introducing Shehnaz Pancholi Teleradiology’s ‘first lady’ tells all

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Article Title: Specification and initial evaluation of a multiple application teleradiology system

Summary: The selection of radiology applications to be deployed in a teleradiology program the evaluation of the teleradiology system to be used.


Article Title: Telemedicine: Where It Is and Where It’s Going

Summary: Research on the effectiveness of telemedicine. Although the work that has been done thus far supports the hypothesis that, in general, the technology is medically effective. The cost-effectiveness of specific telemedicine applications has not yet been rigorously demonstrated.


Article Title: Research on the effectiveness of telemedicine is somewhat limited, although the work that has been done thus far supports the hypothesis that, in general, the technology is medically effective. The cost-effectiveness of specific telemedicine applications has not yet been rigorously demonstrated.

Article Title Teleradiology – How to Bill Medicare

Summary: Important facts and methodologies in billing and successfully collecting for services from Medicare.


Article Title: Cost-Effective, Efficient PACS/RIS Brings Better Radiology Coverage to Rural Missouri

Summary: How the quality of care in a rural Missouri hospital is enhanced through teleradiology services.


Article Title: RIS, PACS and SR: A Guide to the Acronyms, Features and Trends in Radiology Technology

Summary: How tools like PACS and teleradiology add control to practices in service delivery areas.


Article Title: A revolution in radiology: diagnosis at a distance.

Summary: Picture Archiving and Communication Systems open up the possibility of remote diagnosis, as well as facilitating the sharing of patient information between clinicians, departments and even across Trusts.


Article Title: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia to expand telemedicine program.

Summary: Discussion of project, funding and deployment of regional teleradiology program to extend service to insured lives of a payer for services.

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Article Title: Developing a Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and Communications System (RIS/PACS) for a Kenyan Hospital

Summary: RIS/PACS systems can greatly improve patient care and physician education. However, these features come at a high cost not attainable in surroundings.


Article Title: Just the PACS

Summary: At an update course on Monday, 3 industry leaders provided a useful review of the fast-changing technology of picture archiving communication systems (PACS).[1] Not surprisingly, this field is evolving as quickly as the entire computer industry, as new storage options, network components, and more complex processors are introduced.


Article Title: Minimum technical requirements and evaluating effectiveness of teleradiology

Summary: Teleradiology, the electronic transmission of radiological images for the purposes of interpretation and consultation, has successfully entered routine health services. It is, therefore, currently one of the single largest applications of telemedicine. This technology is predicted to play a significant role in improving service access to rural and remote areas


Article Title: Self-Calibrating PACS Monitors

Summary: Importance of calibrating PACS systems monitors and understanding of various means of accomplishing the task.


Article Title: Realizing the Full Benefits of PACS

Summary: A story that examines the successes of PACS programs and evaluation criteria.


Article Title: A Conversation with Keith Dreyer, DO, PhD
Developing PACS proficiency

Summary: In RT Image’s exclusive interview with Keith Dreyer, DO, PhD, vice-chairman of radiology at Boston-based Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School, the radiologist discusses the benefits of a thin-client PACS and how radiology professionals can develop PACS proficiency

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Article Title: The Emergence of Teleradiology
Subspecialties pave the way for growth and acceptance

Summary: The definition – and boundaries – of teleradiology have changed as usage has grown dramatically and acceptance has increased exponentially…


Article Title: What is telemedicine?

Summary: Broad scope article about teleradiology and surrounding issues and other aspects of the field including legislation.

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Article Title: Teleradiology – a Guidance Document for Clinical Radiologists

Summary: A book addressing various aspects of the field and related matters of note to practitioners.


Article Title: Teleradiology: experiences with magnetic resonance imaging using this new technology

Summary: Teleradiology, a term encompassing electronic transmission of images for interpretation, is becoming an important part of telemedicine. Telemedicine is an exciting new electronic means of distributing specific medical knowledge by computer network. Teleradiology allows healthcare providers in locations that previously might not have had this service to access the use of radiology specialists and sub specialists.


Article Title: The Evolution and Revolution of PACS

Summary: Ten years ago, only the most well endowed hospitals had a PACS. Today, it is affordable and required equipment for radiology practices, large and small. But PACS is still evolving from its teleradiography days. As RIS software becomes more integrated into products, PACS is starting its latest phase, evolving into another animal altogether


Article title: Opportunities and Challenges in PACS

Summary: An informative article about PACS, electronic health record, RIS and other related information and it’s integration.
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Article Title: A Comprehensive Portrait of Teleradiology in Radiology Practices: Results from the American College of Radiology’s 1999 Survey

Summary: A perspective of events and opinions collected by the ACR contributing to an understanding of today’s Teleradiology practice environment.

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