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2 MP Single Head

Find 2MP single head medical displays and monitors from Barco, Totoku, Sony and more at Medical Displays for Less!

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  • NEW! Single Head 2MP EIZO 21.3” RadiForce Color Display – RX250-SH-NK120

    Achieve Clarity True to the Source Data

    A medical monitor needs to be capable of high brightness in order to meet performance standards. However, in order to achieve high brightness in an LCD panel, the pixel aperture ratio has to be increased. This causes a typically unavoidable decline in sharpness. With EIZO’s unique Sharpness Recovery technology, the decrease in sharpness (MTF) is restored. This allows you to display an image safely on the monitor that is true to the original source data, even at high brightness levels.

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  • Single Head Barco 2MP Coronis Color

    $5,379.00 $4,711.30

    Coronis Color 2MP is a flexible color display system with a resolution of 1600×1200 for accurate diagnosis in a variety of medical applications. Typical application areas include PACS imaging, color ultrasound, 3D visualization, orthopedic imaging, cardiology, nuclear medicine, PET-CT fusion, etc.


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  • Single Head Barco Nio 2MP LED High-Bright Color – MDNC-2221

    Nio Color 2MP LED is a 2 MegaPixel color display system with LED backlights, providing excellent image quality for confident diagnoses. Nio Color 2MP LED provides an effective display solution for a multitude of applications and modalities, including 3D PACS, 3D echo, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, CAD, image fusion, nuclear medicine and PET.

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