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1MP EIZO RadiForce 19.6 – R12-BK

RadiForce R12

The R12 features versatile image control and landscape/ portrait mode support, making this 1MP color LCD monitor ideal for a wide variety of tasks, from viewing of ultrasound, endoscope, CT and MRI images to use as an HIS/RIS terminal.

Discontinued Product


FineContrast and DICOM Settings

FineContrast function consists of six user-selectable modes, each with different settings for brightness and gamma. It includes two DICOM modes – DICOM-CL and DICOM-BL for clear and blue base film, as well as Custom, sRGB, Calibration, and Text modes.

Automatic Mode Switching

For further convenience, FineContrast modes can be assigned to any application with the bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD (for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Me and 98SE) utility software. When the application is opened, the screen automatically changes to its assigned mode.

ToneCurve Tuning Utility

The EIZO-developed bundled software ToneCurve Tuning Utility (for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Me and 98SE) uses the monitor’s 10-bit look-up tables (LUT) for adjustment of grayscale and color tones to the desired values. Even tones in
high and low brightness areas of the screen, typically problematic for LCD monitors to display, can be adjusted easily and accurately.

Backlight Saver

With ScreenManager Pro for Medical utility software installed, the Backlight Saver function allows for the monitor’s backlight to turn off when the screen saver is activated and the monitor’s backlight to turn on when the computer comes out of the screen saver mode. This function helps to reduce power consumption when the monitor is used for a prolonged period of time.

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