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2MP Totoku 21.3” Color Display – CCL210

With high luminance, high contrast, wide viewing angle and full calibration capability, CCL210 is a cost effective solution for clinical applications.

Totoku CCL210 Features
Color calibration function to reproduce colors faithful to the original and grayscale compliant with DICOM Part 14

By calibrating color temperature, luminance, and gamma characteristics, reproduction of colors faithful to the original and smooth display of grayscale are possible.


Call for Replacement Option

Luminance stabilizing system λ-Sentinel for stable display of medical images Luminance stabilizing system λ-Sentinel for stable display of medical images

Automatically corrects and luminance fluctuation due to startup drift, temperature change, and aging to provide stable luminance.

Built-in 10bit LUT (Look-up Table) to express beautiful grayscale Built-in 10bit LUT (Look-up Table) to reproduce beautiful grayscale

The built-in LUT selects the most appropriate 256 shades of gray (8bit) out of 1021 shades (10bit) to realize finer and smoother grayscale.

High image quality provided by the IPS panel

The IPS panel is effective in preventing color and contrast changes caused by
different viewing angles.

Worldwide medical safety standards

This display is certified under various medical safety standards that are much more demanding than those for general-purpose IT equipment.


Calibration kit

Calibration Kit – Model CAL-012 . American College of Radiology guidelines still recommends the periodic use of a calibration kit to insure that diagnostic integrity is maintained over the life of the monitor. Some states now require the use and documentation of a calibration kit. Do not confuse this device with the front sensors on most diagnostic medical displays. They are not the same.

What You Get

What You Get:

2MP, 21.3 inch color LED LCD with color calibration function.  Dual analog/digital interface model equipped with a color calibration function. Its built-in luminance stabilizing system provides stability in luminance.

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