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3MP Barco NIO Color Single Head LCD display system (MDNC 3120)


Nio Color 3MP (MDNC 3120) is a dependable 3 MegaPixel color display system for cost-efficient diagnostic viewing. Equipped with proven LCD technology, Nio Color 3MP delivers excellent brightness and contrast along with a wide viewing angle. It is your guarantee for confident readings in full color.

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Nio Color 3MP is an effective display solution for a multitude of applications and modalities, including 3D PACS, 3D echo, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, CAD, image fusion, nuclear medicine and PET.

User-friendly calibration and quality assurance

Nio Color 3MP comes with MediCal QAWeb, an innovative softcopy calibration and QA concept, that brings a new degree of diagnostic confidence and transparency to your QA routine.

  • High-resolution color imaging
  • High-grade image quality with excellent contrast and brightness
  • Long-term luminance stability with BLOS technology
  • Accurate grayscale and color rendering
  • Perfect color matching between displays
  • High-performance 3D rendering with full 3D, OpenGL and DirectX support
  • Easy DICOM conformance
  • BlueBase and ClearBase viewing modes
  • Integrated front filter for easy maintenance and protection Calibration and QA Software

Comes with MediCal QAWeb and Display controller (K9305017) MXRT-5200. 


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3MP Barco NIO Color Single Head LCD display system,K9300312A (V9600366), complete with MediCal QAWeb and Display controller (K9305017) MXRT-5200:

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