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3MP EIZO RadiForce Display GS310

Optimum luminance uniformity of the backlight with Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) provides for accurate diagnosis in medical imaging including PACS, CR, CT and MRI.

Sold only w/ Matching card


10-Bit Simultaneous Grayscale Display

10-bit (1,024 tones) from a 13-bit look-up table (8,161 tones) can be displayed simultaneously for high-definition medical imaging. 10-bit graphics board and 10-bit viewer software needed for 10-bit display.

DUE for Brightness Uniformity

The Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function provides optimum backlight luminance uniformity which is considered difficult to attain due to the characteristics of LCD monitors.

Calibration Mode Selection

Selectable with the front panel buttons, the CAL Switch function allows for various calibration modes of different modalities such as CR, CT, and endoscope images. Furthermore, with ScreenManager Pro for Medical installed, auto mode settings can be made with the Auto CAL Switch function.

Lifetime Expectancy Analyzer (LEA)

The Lifetime Expectancy Analyzer (LEA) function provides an estimation of the remaining backlight lifetime for the service provider. It displays the time used since the purchase date, and the expected remaining lifetime depending on how often the monitor is used and at what luminance level.
Compatible with RadiCS version 2.00 and later.

Pairing Monitors

Effective when comparing medical images side by side, Radiologists often require multiple monitors to compare newly taken images and previous images for diagnosis. EIZO offers the same color and grayscale for two monitors bundled as a pair in one box.

Backlight Saver

With ScreenManager Pro for Medical utility software installed, the Backlight Saver function allows for the monitor’s backlight to turn off when the screen saver is activated and the monitor’s backlight to turn on when the computer comes out of the screen saver mode. This function helps to reduce power consumption when the monitor is used for a prolonged period of time.

Sold only with matching video card to assure maximum clinical performance.

EIZO Quality Control supports Macintosh Computers!

EIZO is the only company with built-in QC support for Macintosh computers and workstations. In addition to supporting MS Windows OS, EIZO QC software supports OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), OS X Mavericks (10.9) and OS X Yosemite (10.10) will continue to support the Macintosh platform in the future. See the calibration kit information below.


Video Cards.

EIZO offers the largest selection of manufacturer support video cards. Nvidia, AMD/ATI or Matrox video cards can be ordered with any EIZO diagnostic monitor. Please ask us if you do not see them listed of a particular display.

Calibration kit

Calibration Kit – Model RadiCS UX1 . American College of Radiology guidelines still recommends the periodic use of a calibration kit to insure that diagnostic integrity is maintained over the life of the monitor. Some states now require the use and documentation of a calibration kit. Do not confuse this device with the front sensors on most diagnostic medical displays. They are not the same.

What You Get:

RadiForce GS310 3MP 20.8″ LCD Monochrome, 1536X2048, Digital Input, 700cd/m2, Viewing Angle H:170/V:170, Contrast Ratio 900:1, 50 ms Response Time, Height Adjustable Stand, Certifications UL2601, FCC-B, FDA510K. Sold only with matching video card.

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