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5MP Optik View 21.3 inch Grayscale Mammography Medical Grade LCD with 5 year warranty – DM21510

The Optik View DM21510 5MP Diagnostic Monochrome Display is ideally suited for the review of Mammography images. This display offers exquisite resolution to enhanced visualization of fine details. Allowing radiologists and oncologists to accurately diagnose tissue abnormalities.


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Commonly used for review of Mammography images, this five megapixel monochrome diagnostic display is FDA certified and meets specifications for maximum and minimum luminance and grayscale standards defined by IEC62563-1 and DIN686-157 to improve diagnostic confidence through artifact free visualization and enhancement of subtle findings.

Radiologists and clinicians will experience improved workflow and be assured of high diagnostic quality through a one touch OSD-driven calibration and reporting function that negates the need for external calibration devices.


Expanded Color LUT

Color Uniformity Correction

Digital Uniformity Enhancement

Auto Luminance Stabilizer (ALS)

Self Calibration


Dynamic Scaling

Adjustable Stands

Front Sensor

Ambient Sensor

Present Sensor

Fanless Design


Serial RS232 Remote Control