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Diagnostic 3MP Radiology Workstation – 3MP Diagnostic Workstation

Your personally tailored workstation is the latest HP or Dell hardware with a choice of BARCO, EIZO, LG, NEC or JVC/TOTOKU 3MP diagnostic display(s).

The Diagnostic3™ system provides superior performance in a mini-tower package with a medical grade, 3MP DICOM grayscale or color, LCD single or dual head display. With an administrative 22 inch color LCD included with the system making multi-tasking is easy.

Diagnostic interpretation of: CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Computed Radiography and Digitial Radiography and all PACS applications.


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The Diagnostic3™ system includes:

Your choice of a BARCO, EIZO, LG, NEC or JVC/TOTOKU 3MP DICOM monochrome or color LCD display which have a list price of up to $13,000 for less than $6,000 for a complete Single Head workstation system. Dual head configurations in factory matched pairs with list prices up to $20,000 for less than $8,000.

Dell T3630 Tower workstation with 3.5GHz CPU

16GB of RAM memory

22 inch Color Administrative LCD monitor

2TB RAID1, Solid State Drive (SSD)


Two PCI video card slots and two PCI Express video card slots including a high end NVidia Quadro P2000 graphic card

Energy Smart Settings

Windows 10 Professional

5 Years of Next Business Day Parts and Labor On-Site Response Service After Remote Diagnosis on the workstation

List Price for Single Head Configuration are up to $15,000.00. Your selling price starting well under $6,000.00. “Hot Swap”, 5 years of pro active replacement if the display starts to fail is either standard or optional depending on the display manufacturer.

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