Dual Head 3MP NEC Color with Human Sensor

The LED-backlit NEC MultiSync MD211C3, a 21.3″ 3MP color radiology monitor, features factory calibration to the DICOM standard for luminance and a 70% smaller front sensor than its predecessor.

Technology advances includes a human sensor that reduces power consumption when a user is not present. This widescreen monitor, which maintains a designated calibrated brightness, has all-digital connectors, including DisplayPort and two-port USB hub, which enable advanced connectivity for any type of workstation.

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Digital Uniformity Compensation

Reduces screen uniformity errors and compensates for differences in color/grayscale and luminance using new signal processing circuitry.

Landscape/Portrait Capable

Allows for distortion-free display of content in various orientations, creating new application opportunities.

LED Backlight

Provides for industry-leading low power consumption and less hazardous materials.

Ambient Light Sensor

Automatically adjusts the backlight and power management depending on the ambient lighting brightness.

Human Sensor

Monitors the presence of a user in front of the display and can go into power saving mode if the user leaves, saving up to 99% power

Rapid ResponseTM

Delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of high-speed, full-motion video.


Delivers wide viewing angles of up to 176º horizontally and vertically (up to 88º up, down, left and right) without any glare, reflection or distortion.

No Touch Auto AdjustTM

Allows the monitor to be automatically adjusted to optimal image settings when initially turned on.

Black Level Adjustment

Automatic black level adjustment regulates grayscale images for optimal picture quality.

GammaCompMD QA calibration and conformance software

GammaCompMD QA calibration software provides a complete solution for managing one or many medical displays.

GammaCompMD QA offers functionality and flexibility for PACS administrators. The next generation of quality control and calibration software from NEC features support for calibration of the MD Series medical diagnostic displays, MultiSync PA Series professional desktop displays, additional reporting and a new GammaCompMD QA Network version.

Intended for the demanding medical imaging environment, GammaCompMD QA offers quality control, calibration and display matching ensuring consistent image quality. The software works with many NEC displays including the MultiSync® MD Series to maintain the monitor’s conformance to the DICOM standard while providing an easy-to-use QA environment for medical imaging.

Hot Swap Warranty Included

Optional, at extra cost for most other manufacturers, NEC Display Solutions will replace a defective MD211C3 using their Advanced Replacement Program, for the first 5 years after the initial purchase.  If the display is defective or failing, NEC will ship a replacement display while the defective display is repaired. Your work flow does not suffer due to the repair time.


Calibration Kit – Model MDMVSENSOR3 – American College of Radiology guidelines still recommends the periodic use of a calibration kit to insure that diagnostic integrity is maintained over the life of the monitor. Some states now require the use and documentation of a calibration kit. Do not confuse this device with the front sensors on most diagnostic medical displays. They are not the same.

What You Get:

The Dual Head NEC MultiSync MD211C3 with 2 X (two) 21.3″ 3-Megapixel high-bright, high-resolution color display and 1 x (one) matching NEC Quadro K2000 video card.  Features the flexibility of a color display with image performance rivaling that of grayscale displays.  Out-of-the-box DICOM grayscale calibration.  LCD display – 3MP color – TFT – 21.3″ – 2048 x 1536 – 800 cd/m2 – 1400:1 – 20 ms – 0.21 mm – 2x DVI-D – 2x DP.  5 year warranty with Advanced Exchange (Hot Swap) included.

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