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Dual Head 3MP NEC Monochrome LCD with PCI Video Card & 3 Yrs of Hot Swap


The NEC MultiSync MD Series, a family of medical grade LCDs, has been designed exclusively for the demanding needs of the diagnostic professional. This series embodies the precision, high performance and intelligence you’d expect from a world leader in display technology. The medically certified 21.3 inch grayscale 2-MegaPixel and 3-MegaPixel displays feature the X-Light technology, which allows for consistent brightness and white point levels throughout the life of the monitor and provides the basis for excellent diagnostic quality.

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This package includes two 21 inch medical grade monochrome LCDs. Contrast; 700:1, Resolution; 3MP 1536X2048: MEDICAL CLEAR BASE DVI-D, with one PCI Video Card, 64BIT, 256MB DDR with 2XDVI-I FOR NEC’S MED GRADE MONITORS ONLY.

Modern medical technology enables complex examinations. But in the end, it is the radiologist who is responsible for fast and accurate diagnostic findings. To support these findings in a soft copy reading environment, flat-panel displays need to comply with the highest visual requirements. Their image quality has a decisive influence on diagnostic accuracy.

NEC Display Solutions is setting new standards with grayscale displays for filmless diagnostics, with technologies that are available for the first time in this market segment. This introduction of medical-grade displays is backed by years of experience in the development of TFT displays for professional use combined with intensive research done in the medical market.

MultiSync MD Series grayscale displays, in combination with the appropriate graphics controller, are designed for diagnostic imaging and for use in Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) applications. Furthermore, diagnostic imaging displays from NEC Display Solutions are based on technologies and functions which actively contribute to a reduction of cost of ownership. Flexible areas of application and reduced service costs are just a few examples that contribute to cost reduction in healthcare.


  • SA Superfine TFT displays
  • DICOM GSDF calibrated
  • X-light backlight for consistent brightness and whitepoint, no monitor matching necessary
  • GammaComp MD software
  • Fast switch Gamma curves
  • Rapid Response
  • Internal power supply
  • Anti-glare and low reflection screen
  • Ultra-thin-frame design
  • 3 years warranty with Advanced Exchange

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