LG 32HL714S (32HL714S-W) 31.5″ 4K Surgical Display


  • 31.5″ 4K (3840×2160) IPS
  • Support HDR10
  • Mirror & Rotation Mode
  • Failover Input Switch
  • 12G-SDI Support
  • Up to 4PBP, PIP
  • Protection Glass

LG 32HL714S (32HL714S-W) 31.5″ 4K Surgical Display

Superior Picture Quality for Fine Surgery

31.5-inch 4K (3840×2160) IPS Display | 178° Wide Viewing Angle

The larger 32HL714S, 31.5-inch 4K display with IPS, helps surgeons easily identify details, presenting accurate, realistic images during a procedure. Also, when multiple doctors take part in the surgery, the wide viewing angle of the IPS panel allows each doctor to view content on the monitor from different angles with minimal color shift.

HDR 10

The LG 32HL714S allows accurate reproduction of HDR contents from devices such as surgical cameras that support HDR. This ensures images from HDR-supported endoscope cameras are displayed in a way that closely resembles how it would appear in actual visual observation.

12G-SDI Support

With the usage of 4K increasing in the medical field, the successful transmission of 4K medical images without latency is pivotal. The LG 32HL714S supports 12G-SDI, which enables long-distance transmission of 4K-equivalent signals over a single coaxial cable. Therefore, the transmission is stable even until the long distance of 70 meters (max).

Optimized for Surgical Environments

Mirror & Rotation Mode

Conveniently flip and rotate the monitor to adjust to your surgery needs with the Mirror & Rotation Mode setting. Depending on the situation, use Mirror Mode to share the ongoing surgical procedure in real-time, or Rotation Mode to adjust the screen for an easy-to-operate angle regardless of the surgical camera position.

Failover Input Switch

LG 32HL714S allows the display to automatically switch to a failover (backup) input in case the main input is missing. The display will automatically restore the main input once the signal is back.

Enhanced Connectivity for Multi Modalities

Up to 4PBP (Picture by Picture) | PIP Multi-Modality Connectivity

The LG 32HL714S allows you to use 2PBP, 3PBP, and even 4PBP. The support of up to 4PBP allows medical professionals to see a combination of endoscopic and fluoroscopic images while monitoring vital signs. In other words, different input signals, through 12G-SDI, DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI, can be viewed on one monitor simultaneously.

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