NDS 32″ EndoVue HD LED Surgical Display – 90K0080

The EndoVue product line is a medical visualization system capable of displaying multiple image modalities and designed for minimally invasive surgery. The NDS 32″ EndoVue HD LED Surgical Display (90K0080) has a robust, lightweight, flexible input design enabling easy physical installation, while proprietary factory color-calibration ensures reliable, consistent, realistic image reproduction instantly. NDS 32″ EndoVue HD LED Surgical Display (90K0080) offers high-definition, featuring high brightness, high resolution, exceptional contrast, and true color reproduction with unsurpassed quality image.

For the medical professional seeking to maximize their capital investment and upgrade their aging monitor, the EndoVue® series delivers the image performance of a high-end endoscopy display at a value price.


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EndoVue is a versatile visualization platform, supporting multi-modality medical imaging requirements. It is plug-and-play compatible with endoscopic camera systems from leading manufacturers. Designed and built for medical use, it is FDA listed, TUV certified, and CE marked, offering patient safety, clinical performance, and durability compared to non-medical grade displays.

The NDS 32″ EndoVue HD LED Surgical Display (90K0080) accommodates standard analog and digital high-definition signals from a variety of medical imaging sources, including ultrasound, PACS,and patient monitor vital signs. It features a fanless cooling design to minimize the risk of spreading airborne contaminants within the sterile field, and industry leading LED backlight technology for reduced power consumption.

EndoVue 32

90K0080 EndoVue 32” – North America

90K0081 EndoVue 32” – South America

90K0082 EndoVue 32” – Japan

90K0083 EndoVue 32” – China

90K0084 EndoVue 32” – Emerging Market**

90K0085 EndoVue 32” – Europe

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