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NEW! 2MP JVC 21.3” Color LED Display – CLS200


JVC CLS200 is an optimal solution where doctors need to view both grayscale and color images, and effectively covers multiple applications like PACS, CAD, PET and nuclear medicine.

Clearly Defined Diagnostic Images
The new i3 color series render more precise color and monochrome modality images. One of its unique technologies the built-in self-calibrating sensor ensures that the monitor constantly performs at its best.

Dynamic Gamma
Color Images are automatically recognized to provide optimized contrast, brightness and gamma. No user intervention is required.

Independent Sub-pixel Drive Technology

Auto Text Mode
Brightness is automatically adjusted on patient lists and reporting applications to reduce eye strain.

QA Medivisor Agent
Calibration and QA standard tests with the scheduling functions through an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface make it effective to manage day-to-day operation in the radiology department.

* QA Medivisor Agent LE confined the functions to is bundled with CL-S200/CL-S300. Calibration kit CAL-016 is required for QA standard test.

With the integrated color front sensor, the CL-S200 / CL-S300 self-calibrates to the DICOM Part 14 Standard on a regular schedule.

Razor-sharp Color Precision
Utilizing its unique X, Y, Z, color level tracking and color management technologies, any of the i3 model perfectly color-matches one another even different location.

Premium Design
A simple and slim design for a modern look

LED Indicator / Front Buttons
The soft LED light indicator and front buttons are streamlined for intuitive operation.

Space Saving
The new design of the CL-S200 / CL-S300 reduces 25% of the stand footprint compared to the conventional models.

Two-tone Color
The back side features a stylish gray-white tone color.

Wire Management / DisplayPort Daisy Chains
With the DisplayPort 1.2, the use of daisy chains allows for easier wiring connections.