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NEW! Dual Head 3MP Totoku Color Medical Monitor with Advanced Grayscale Display – CCL354i2-DH-Quadro 2000DT

Dual Head 20.8 inch 3MP Color Hi-Brite LCD w/ Front Sensor and matching PCIe video card.

High-Luminance 3MP color display for diagnostic imaging realizes advanced grayscale LCD monitor. With high luminance and high contrast, and an integrated color calibration function, the CCL354i2 delivers highly accurate color reproduction faithful to the DICOM GSDF. The CCL354i2 includes a luminance compensation feature for edge to edge consistency, is fully configurable for multi-display applications, and comes standard with hardware-based pivot functionality for fast image drawing in portrait orientation.


Call for Replacement Option

Newly developed luminance stabilizing system λ-Sentinel II

λ-Sentinel II consists of a luminance sensor and luminance control circuit. The luminance sensor, integrated into the front bezel, consistently monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen by rapidly communicating with the backlight sensor.

Remote grayscale check and remote calibration functions

Conformance testing to DICOM GSDF and calibration can be remotely accomplished. These features minimize the burden on display/PACS administrators.

* An optional PM Medivisor software is required.

Luminance equalizer λ-Uniformity Congruence

Is built in to achieve highly accurate luminance uniformity across the screen. Luminance unevenness is minimized in the final tune-up prior to shipping.

High luminance, high quality LCD panel

800 cd/m² and contrast ratio of 750:1. Due to its wide, dynamic range, high quality grayscale can also be achieved on this color display, providing versatility for multi-modality workstations.

Color calibration function to reproduce colors faithful to the original and grayscale compliant with DICOM Part 14 Accurate color and grayscale reproduction compliant with DICOM Part 14

By calibrating color temperature, luminance, and gamma characteristics, reproduction of colors faithful to the original and smooth display of grayscale are possible.

Built-in 10-bit LUT (look up table) for accurate grayscale reproduction

The built-in LUT selects the most appropriate 256 shades of gray (8bit) out of 1021 shades (10bit) to realize finer and smoother grayscale.

Hardware pivot function for fast drawing in portrait orientation
Stress-free operation is made possible by fast drawing speed for on-the-fly change to portrait on the monitor.

Dual Link input
provides smooth display of motion pictures.

OSD Information Display

Such information as the display model, total operating time, actual measurement of luminance, and calibration settings can be checked on LCD screen.

LED indicator to inform of current status

A glance at the LED indicator tells you the display’s current operating status.

Advanced power saving*
The backlight dims as the screensaver starts, reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary deterioration of the backlight.
* This feature may not be available, depending on the specifications of the graphics card used.

Gamma check
18 points of luminance values are measured and plotted into a graph.
Ambient light and display luminance measurement
The built-in sensors measure display luminance and ambient illuminance.

Worldwide medical safety standards

This LCD monitor is certified under various medical safety standards that are much more demanding than those for general-purpose IT equipment.
Calibration kit

Calibration Kit – Model CAL-012 . American College of Radiology guidelines still recommends the periodic use of a calibration kit to insure that diagnostic integrity is maintained over the life of the monitor. Some states now require the use and documentation of a calibration kit. Do not confuse this device with the front sensors on most diagnostic medical displays. They are not the same.

What You Get

What You Get:

Two Totoku CCL354i2 Color Medical LCD Radiology Displays with Matching PCIe video card and 5 Year warranty.

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