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RadiNetPro Network Centralized QC Management Software for Medical Imaging Displays – RadiNet Pro

Centralized Management of all Monitors in a Hospital

RadiNET Pro features a monitor management server, which is installed in the hospital to enable centralized management via a network from client PC monitors installed with RadiCS software. Unified management of all monitors in a hospital covers everything from history reference operations such as calibration to acceptance and constancy testing, changing settings and other QC operations.

Manages up to 8,000 Monitors

RadiNET Pro enables QC for up to 8,000 monochrome/color monitors connected to 1,000 client PCs.

Web-Based Application RadiNET Pro is a Web-based application offering a simple way to access desired information. This lets monitor administrators conduct monitor QC operations from anywhere in the hospital at any time.

Easy and Convenient Report Function

Detailed monitor data such as installation site, user name and date of installation registration, as well as the results of acceptance and constancy tests can be generated and printed as a single report. For extra convenience, reports of multiple monitors can also be simultaneously generated and printed.

Other Features

Remote Operation for Administrator Convenience
Remote Control of Multiple Monitors
Simple Upgrading of RadiCS Software
Alert Warning Messages of Monitor Conditions
Non-RadiForce Monitor Support
Security to Prevent Unauthorized Access

Administrator PC browser
Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1, SP2

Administrator PC resolution
1280 x 1024

Server PC compatible OS
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition / Standard Edition SP1 (including IIS 6.0) Windows 2000 Server SP4 (including IIS 5.0)

Server PC compatible DB
SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition SP4

Server PC memory
More than 1GB

Server PC HDD
More than 100GB

English, German, Japanese