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Selling through the service agreement

Keeping them happy

Once clients are on board the key to keeping them and growing the business is communication. Most successful practitioners do this 2 ways through opportunities to verbally verify that the decision a client made to contract with them is the right one and through simple written products that make them remind them of the service and the value it is adding to them and their success. This type of business can be very transparent to those around you because you may not be in front of them often. Think of how often you see and communicate with your pathologist or other person in this type of practice. It’s very important that you have a presence and value is conveyed. A case of the month to create awareness and grow awareness is an excellent vehicle to achieve this.

Growing the relationship

Of course, in the physician community practice patterns change through complimentary actions that enhance each other. This remains unchanged. In the payer community it is somewhat different. As stated previously this relationship is about value, perception of service advantage and superiority and customer retention for the payer. Actions that support this need are essential to a payer marketing and sales program. Note that a payer is operations oriented so a very structured program that has periodic communication and with a very pointed message is best unlike the casual familial communication in the physician community. Payers like to hear about cost effectiveness, enhanced levels of service, cases that might otherwise have had lesser qualities of care because of conventional means of management and how group actions created vision of better personal service and quality of care to the patient.

Mining for other services

A substantial relationship and proven record of success supports asking for additional service agreements. Payers are always looking for additional or different providers even when they say they are not. As you proceed with communications programs with payers or other third parties with whom you have under arrangement agreements inquire about other areas where may support them. They can offer incremental business and you may find your inquiry timely to changes with other providers opening up the opportunity for you. It can never hurt to ask and ask again.

Holding your pricing

The radiology and healthcare services market is undergoing dramatic change in this area. Perhaps the most primary reason you are making an entry into teleradiology is to address and fend off service pricing issues vs. availability work time. The best defense to pricing arguments is increased service at the same pricing. Payers generally respond well to bargaining strategies that suggest better service at same pricing. You can create that illusion through fact based scenarios that demonstrate the value a payer is getting and the added quality of care through the programs you are deploying. You can also offer non-clinical trade offs that are very low in added cost, however, perceived high in tangible return to them such as on call services at same rates as normal hour services. There are a number of these type of pawns that can be presented to support you price holding plans.

Fending off Competitors

Competitors are seen as competitors because they challenging service providers for their business in a limited supply market. Or if they do have contractual relationships they may be of less substance than yours. It is always harder to unseat the incumbent especially if the incumbent is living up to and then some the writ of agreement with the contractor and adding value along the way without asking. There in lies the secret to keeping the competition out of your relationship. Rather than having the contractor coming to you for creepage of service in your agreement go to them periodically with suggested incremental changes that add value for them but preserve pricing and margin for you. Nothing prompts a not interested response to competition like a satisfied payer.

Remote reading is the next advent in medicine to enhance quality of service while holding cost. It can support higher levels of service and the sharing of limited resources across greater populations that would otherwise not have the availability of these services. It is the next logical step in the progression of a practice. If it appears to be the right decision for you after weighing all the capturement area dynamics and the plans of your practice you should be deploying your plan to maintain your competitive present and sustain financial grow.

The business of Medical Displays for Less is to provide the highest quality image displays, remote reading workstation systems and support services at the very best price to performance ratio in the imaging industry. If we can be of assistance to you in planning your program or deploying your program and or equipment selection we look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at 866-369-1902 or via the Web at www.medicaldisplaysforless.com

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