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Surgical Displays

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  • NDS 32″ Radiance G2 Surgical Display – 90R0076

    The new NDS 32″ Radiance G2 Surgical Display (90R0076) is the industry’s first 32” surgical display to feature LED backlight technology. As part of the Radiance G2 family of surgical displays, it incorporates patented color calibration technology to ensure consistent and accurate color reproduction year after year. Factory calibrated in accordance with the BT.709 HDTV color standard, the 32” Radiance G2 display is ideal for applications such as flexible endoscopy, where color representation plays a critical role in the identification of unhealthy tissue. This display features two 3G-SDI inputs and an optional single-fiber input.


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  • NDS 32″ Radiance Ultra 4K Surgical Display – 90R0116

    he New NDS 32″ Radiance Ultra 4K UHD Surgical Display (90R0116) offers four times the resolution of today’s HD standard, plus ultra-wide-gamut color technology, and a high-brightness LED backlight, the NDS 32″ Radiance® Ultra 4K UHD surgical display delivers an immersive visualization experience of uncompromising clarity and detail. The quad-link 3G-SDI inputs support both 2-sample interleave and square division 4K UHD formats to ensure compatibility with 4K UHD endoscopic camera systems. Exceptional brightness (650 cd/m2 typical) can increase the visibility of recessed anatomy, while proprietary Medi-Match™ color calibration assures consistent image quality and accurate color reproduction.


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  • Sony 21.5″ Surgical Display – LMD2110MD


    The Sony LMD2110MD (LMD-2110MD) surgical display monitor features a 21.5-inch LCD panel of full HD (1920×1080) resolution and 10-bit signal processing. Complying with medical safety standards and EMC standards, the monitor provides a crisp, sharp high definition image.

    The Sony LMD2110MD (LMD-2110MD) surgical display monitor is also equipped with an analog video input and output terminals as standard.

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  • Sony 27″ Surgical Display – LMD2765MD

    Sony proudly introduces the new standard in visualization. The 27-inch surgical medical monitor! Design meets technology. The first thing you notice is the Sony LMD2765MD ‘s unique design. The uncommonly slender chassis and front bezel are truly eye catching. Next you’re captivated by the high brightness of the display. The robust edge-to-edge Opti-Contrast Panel protects the screen while reducing glare and reflection, while the 27-inch screen provides a larger full HD (1980 x 1080 pixels) viewing area and fits onto the same carts and boom arms that currently take 26-inch models.


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