Dual Head 5MP Barco Coronis Digital Mammography System (MFGD-5621HD) with 5 Yr. Warranty

Thie product has been replaced by MDMG-5121. Click here to see the new display system.

The “Top of the Line” for filmless mammography. For digital mammography, anything less than filmless perfection is unacceptable. Mammography imaging requires unmatched accuracy and high-contrast images that guarantee the correct display of each pixel. Images should be displayed with consistent, film-like precision and without visible noise or disturbances from the electronic pixel structure.

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And there is more. Productivity. High fidelity imaging should not cost more of your time. You should be able to scroll through one study after another, without waiting, without fatigue. Until recently, only CRT based softcopy screens could meet these high standards.

Barco’s Coronis 5MP Mammo (MFGD-5621HD) is the first medical flat panel display system that meets the highest standards for digital mammography imaging. Coronis 5MP Mammo allows you to detect every single detail. Because for your patients, details make the difference.

Innovative technology with an eye for detail

Combining proven Coronis technology with innovative, state-of-the-art functionality, Barco refines your clinical diagnoses and increases your productivity. This makes Coronis 5MP Mammo the perfect imaging solution for your digital mammography or PACS reading room.

  • Pixel perfect viewing thanks to Barco’s unique Per Pixel Uniformity (PPU) technology
  • Ultimate diagnostic confidence with Defect Pixel Compensation (DPC) technology
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to ultra-fast BarcoMed 5MP2FH display controller
  • Continuous DICOM-compliance with integrated I-Guard
  • Exceptionally long lifetime without compromise thanks to DuraLight backlights
  • Automated quality assurance thanks to MediCal Pro QA software

High-performance display controllers

This Coronis 5MP system comes with: BarcoMed 5MP2FH

User-friendly calibration and quality assurance

Coronis 5MP Mammo comes with MediCal Pro software for image conformance and consistency. Optionally, Coronis 5MP Mammo can be combined with MediCal Administrator, a hospital-wide client/server image quality management system.

Pixel perfect viewing
In mammography reading, it is crucial to recognize the smallest and most subtle image details. Luminance differences as small as a few percent, on the edge of what the human eye can perceive, represent diagnostic information. To provide you with the diagnostic confidence you need, Coronis 5MP Mammo is equipped with the unique Per Pixel Uniformity (PPU) functionality. This proprietary technology measures and adjusts the luminance output at pixel level and eliminates screen noise, thereby making each individual pixel DICOM-compliant.

Ultimate diagnostic confidence
Current Liquid Crystal Displays contain some missing pixels. These so-called defect pixels can be problematic, because you might miss critical information in a mammography image. With Coronis 5MP Mammo however, you can trust what you see. To make sure that no information is missing, Barco’s Coronis 5MP Mammo flat panel has Defect Pixel Compensation (DPC) technology. DPC detects and identifies the missing pixels in each individual display.

Enhanced productivity
Coronis 5MP Mammo includes the high-speed BarcoMed 5MP2FH display controller, designed to bring more productivity to your mammography or radiology practice. With 512 MB of memory, the BarcoMed 5MP2FH lets you load entire current and prior exams in less than a second. Barco’s dedicated display controller speeds up your diagnostic workflow by enabling fast roaming and smooth image manipulation.

Grayscale perfection
The luminance of Coronis 5MP Mammo covers an extremely high dynamic range reaching up to 600 Cd/m2. According to the DICOM curve, this high dynamic range represents more than 700 Just Noticeable Differences, the smallest luminance steps your eye can perceive. Only 1024 simultaneous shades of gray, offered by Barco’s true 10-bit architecture, allow you to render each individual gray level. No information is lost in the process.

Continuous DICOM compliance
The compact, front-mounted I-Guard sensor continually guards and adjusts the luminance output of the actual diagnostic viewing area at the front of the display. Barco’s I-Guard sensor truly sees what you see, thereby ensuring consistent image quality and continuous DICOM accuracy over time and across displays.

Exceptionally long lifetime without compromise
DuraLight backlight technology offers exceptionally long lifetime. Compared to conventional backlights, DuraLight backlights last 3 to 5 times longer.

High fidelity imaging
Barco’s dedicated display system features a 5MP (2048 x 2560) 21.3″ LCD, offering exceptional image accuracy, a wide viewing angle and perfect geometry.

Automated quality
Coronis 5MP Mammo comes with Barco’s user-friendly MediCal Pro softcopy QA solution. Combined with the I-Guard sensor, MediCal Pro provides fully automated image Quality Assurance with no need for human intervention. MediCal Pro tracks, maintains and logs display viewing performance, automates QA tasks, initiates display system calibration and establishes an accurate DICOM Look-Up Table calibration. In addition, to assist administrators in their efforts to make display systems comply with the AAPM TG18 standard, Barco has developed a plug-in for its MediCal Pro software.

Worry-free filmless perfection
Coronis 5MP Mammo is fully compatible with Barco’s revolutionary PIN (Product INtelligence) concept, which ensures worry-free diagnostic reading and image distribution by means of ‘intelligent’ technology. Image quality and DICOM compliance is constantly monitored by Barco’s I-Guard, PPU and DPC technologies. Not only does PIN reduce life cycle costs, it also assures that you can do your work quickly, accurately and with the ultimate diagnostic confidence.

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