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Service Marketing and Relationship Building

The world will not come looking for you

If you are expanding your practice to this form of service you very likely have preexisting relationships supporting this decision. However, like all new business endeavors it will require a new form of action to insure success and early return on investment. A step by step plan should be defined to be sure you are on that schedule and your plans are communicated to your audience. You must also sell through the sale with them so they realize your commitment and the availability of service and what it is bringing them.

Where do I start?

Set a realistic agenda for deploying the service. Communicate that to your contemporaries while stressing the features and benefits this service offers over conventional operations or added services, if you do not want to over shadow your existing service which may remain in operation in it’s current form.

Keep everyone abreast of progress and progress points as you proceed. These communiqués offer a perfect opportunity to once again present benefits and important aspects of the business that may seem obvious to you but will be completely new to them.

Talk up the advanced equipment and technology. It speaks to your investment without blatantly stating the hard dollar outlay.

Invite individuals over to see the set up and walk them through the operation of the remote reading system. They will be amazed by the advanced nature of the systems and understand what you are doing as they work with you at a distance. This first hand user in sight offers confident buy in to what you are doing and a greater appreciation of the technical level at which you are operating.

Who are the logical first off opportunities?

The “low hanging apples” or first service opportunities are those that you may already serve. They may be sharing business with other groups and this added value service may offer you the opportunity to gain more of their business. If they perceive your service as advanced and better serving sometimes that all it takes to buy more share.

Payers with which you have contracts can be swayed to your side to add or expand services from others because of your virtual operation. They won’t come to you, you will need to go to them to express this interest and secure the business.

Make a list. Name those target opportunities and set a plan. A little time here and there followed by definitive, repetitive action.

Should I seek assistance?

The question here is, given what has just been said about building the business do I have time to do this? If the answer is no then you should hire someone so that the tasks are managed. Often clinicians make a substantial investment in hard goods then the business takes a slow start because of the avoidance to make an investment in soft goods to launch the program. There are many very good technical people and services that can act as an extension of your management team under your direction on a part time basis that can help you. Check their credentials and track record along with references, then evaluate how to best use them to grow your business to an early success. If you have a colleague who has done this confer with them and use their plan as a model adapted to you area and it’s dynamics fine-tuning it to greater success.

Selling through the Service Agreement