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Planning A Teleradiology or Remote Reading Service

The growing trend by practices and individual radiologists to venture into a remote reading program is markedly increasing. Whether it promotes greater quality of care, increased service or facilitates continued effective service in a declining reimbursement climate it is a trend that serves many needs in a highly dynamic medical imaging marketplace.

The following is a compendium of information to help you evaluate and form your plans while expanding your thinking in primary areas central to your plan and peripherally to enhance your success and sustained competitive advantage.

Is it right for You?

Space Evaluation, Selection and Layout Considerations

Technology Requirements and Selection

Service Marketing and Relationship Building

Selling through the Service Agreement

Remote reading is the next advent in medicine to enhance quality of service while holding cost. It can support higher levels of service and the sharing of limited resources across greater populations that would otherwise not have the availability of these services. It is the next logical step in the progression of a practice. If it appears to be the right decision for you after weighing all the capturement area dynamics and the plans of your practice you should be deploying your plan to maintain your competitive present and sustain financial grow.

The business of Medical Displays for Less is to provide the highest quality image displays, remote reading workstation systems and support services at the very best price to performance ratio in the imaging industry. If we can be of assistance to you in planning your program or deploying your program and or equipment selection we look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at +1-949-800-5815, Toll Free at 866-369-1902 or via the Web at www.medicaldisplaysforless.com

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