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2MP Optik View 21.3 inch Grayscale Medical Grade LCD with 5 year warranty

The Optik View DM21210 2MP 21.1″ Grayscale Diagnostic Display takes high resolution grayscale imaging to the next level. This display is ideally suited for traditional radiographic images such as chest CR, DR, and other imaging modalities requiring higher brightness and contrast performance. This high-definition display features DICOM Part 14 compliant calibration to ensure consistent image quality over the life of the product and can be used as a PACS/HIS/RIS point-of-use display.

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Expanded Color LUT

Color Uniformity Correction

Digital Uniformity Enhancement

Auto Luminance Stabilizer (ALS)

Self Calibration


Dynamic Scaling

Adjustable Stands

Front Sensor

Ambient Sensor

Present Sensor

Fanless Design


Serial RS232 Remote Control

Product Quality Report