Dual Head 3MP EIZO Monochrome LCD built-in Swing Sensor & 5 Yr Warranty

With the GX320 3MP monitor an entire chest CR can be displayed, offering highly refined rendering of extremely delicate grayscale shadings. A built-in swing sensor conveniently appears only when remote quality control operations such as calibration are being performed.



RadiForce 3MP Monochrome dual head bundle with 2x GX320 display and 1x MED3MP PCI video card & 5 year warranty. RadiForce 3MP 21.3″ LCD Monochrome, Built In Swing Sensor, Bonded Panel Protector, 1536X2048, Digital Input, 1000cd/m2, Viewing Angle H:170/V:170, Contrast Ratio 850:1, 23 ms Response Time, Height Adjustable Stand, Certifications UL2601, FCC-B, FDA510K.

Built-In Swing Sensor

Built-in swing sensor is conveniently enabled and visible only when remote quality control operations such as calibration are being performed. Compatible with RadiCS and RadiNET Pro versions 2.5.0 and later.

10-Bit Simultaneous Grayscale Display

10-bit (1,024 tones) from a 13-bit look-up table (8,161 tones) can be displayed simultaneously for high-definition medical imaging. 10-bit graphics board and 10-bit viewer software needed for 10-bit display.

DUE for Brightness Uniformity

The Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function provides optimum backlight luminance uniformity which is considered difficult to attain due to the characteristics of LCD monitors.

Calibration Mode Selection

Selectable with the front panel buttons, the CAL Switch function allows for various calibration modes of different modalities such as CR, CT, and endoscope images. Furthermore, with ScreenManager Pro for Medical installed, auto mode settings can be made with the Auto CAL Switch function.

Independent Image Setting (IIS)

With the bundled ScreenManager Pro for Medical software, the Independent Image Setting (IIS) function allows for any specific area of an image to be adjusted and pre-set to various grayscale gradations and luminance levels.

LCD Panel Protector

This anti-reflective panel protector is pre-attached to the monitor at production for protection against dust and scratches.

Backlight Saver

With ScreenManager Pro for Medical utility software installed, the Backlight Saver function allows for the monitor’s backlight to turn off when the screen saver is activated and the monitor’s backlight to turn on when the computer comes out of the screen saver mode. This function helps to reduce power consumption when the monitor is used for a prolonged period of time.

Current EIZO GX320 Specifications

Current EIZO GX320 Brochure

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